Christianity: The First Two Thousand Years is a 6-hour 40-minute historical narrative of the Christian religion produced by FilmRoos for the A&E Television Networks in 1998. It has since been updated in the 2000 and made available by the network as a boxed set of two DVD discs that can be purchased either from the network's Internet store site or in many retail book stores. Each disc within the cardboard box has its own separate plastic case and is broken down into 24 chapters that encompass a little over 1,000 years of Christian history. The first disc details the first thousand years while the second disc details the second thousand years. There is some overlapping of events between the two discs for continuity's sake.

Disc 1 - Christianity: The First Thousand Years

The first disc, entitled Christianity: The First Thousand Years, tells the story of Christianity from the death of Jesus in 30 AD to the 1077 standoff between Pope Gregory VII and Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV over who had authority to appoint bishops.

  1. The Apostles
  2. The First Leaders
  3. Controversy
  4. Paul [Saul] of Tarsus
  5. Seeds of Faith
  6. Struggle for Survival
  7. Constantine’s Rule
  8. The Gnostics
  9. New Testament
  10. Monastic Life
  11. Augustine of Hippo
  12. Fall of Rome
  13. Saint Patrick
  14. Irish Church
  15. Byzantine Empire
  16. Theodora
  17. Birth of Islam
  18. Iconoclasts
  19. King Charlemagne
  20. Church and State
  21. King Louis
  22. The Vikings
  23. Otto the Great

Disc 2 - Christianity: The Second Thousand Years

The second disc, entitled Christianity: The Second Thousand Years, has a 20 minute review of what was on the first disc and continues the story to 2000, when the documentary was updated, ending with subjects such as Televangelism, Martin Luther King, Jr, Vatican II (the 21st Ecumenical Council) and South American Catholic "Liberation theology".

  1. The New Sect (a review of what’s found on the first disc)
  2. The Dark Ages (continuing the review: barbarians and Islam threatened Europe from the 8th century on)
  3. Reformation
  4. The Crusades
  5. Constantinople Falls
  6. Saint Dominic
  7. Birth of Spain
  8. The Protestants
  9. Martin Luther [John Calvin]
  10. The Eastern Church
  11. The Renaissance
  12. Henry the VIII
  13. The New World
  14. Slavery
  15. The Methodists
  16. Christianity in America
  17. Napoleon
  18. Doctrine of Faith
  19. The Modern Age
  20. Missionaries
  21. The Mormons
  22. The Evangelists
  23. The Black Church
  24. The Church today

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