Christianity and the arts
Michelangelo Petersdom Pieta

Michelangelo's Pieta, a sculputre of Mary holding the dying Jesus.


Throughout church history, people have devoted themselves to great works of literature and art for God's glory and honour. Help us build up libraries of their works, and write your reviews and opinions on these books, songs and other works of art.

Christian music

Since Christians have met together, they have sung to God and about God. Early Jewish Christians probably sung psalms. In later centuries, monophonic Gregorian chants were widely sung. During and following the Protestant Reformation, hundreds of hymns were written by men like Martin Luther and Charles Wesley. In recent decades, Contemporary Christian Music, Christian music in rock style, has become increasing popular. The current popular meaning of Contemporary Christian Music is sometimes referred to by its critics as "Christian pop music" because it models more the formula for secular pop music than it does music written for the church.

Christian movies

Some of the most well-known movies have strong Christian themes. One of the earliest Christian movies was The Ten Commandments by Cecil B. DeMill. In 2004, The Passion of the Christ, describing the night of Jesus' death was a film that made a world-wide impact. In 2005, the movie The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe was being released based on the famous book by C.S. Lewis.

Christianity and the Internet

Since the beginning of the world wide web, Christians have been involved in creating websites dedicated to different aspects of Christianity. Some of the most important ones have been sites containing the Bible in different versions like



Christian Art and Entertainment Websites

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