Christian Mission Service (CMS) is the English name of the Christlicher Missionsdienst (CMD), a non-denominational protestant child-care charitable organisation.


The CMD was founded in Germany in 1957 by Emil Richter after he became aware of the plight of orphan children in India through a visiting Indian pastor. Initially funds were sent directly to people caring for orphan children in India. The first Children's Home was set up in Gunadala in Andhra Pradesh. Early work focussed on Tamilnadu State.

Areas of Operation

Its work started and is still mainly based in Southern India. It currently cares for around 10,000[1] orphan and destitute children and young people in Children's Homes, Day Care Centres, and Training Centres in India, the Philippines, Indonesia and Bangladesh. Individual children are sponsored by a fostership scheme, with foster parents mainly situated in Germany and Switzerland. For the safeguard of its donors, CMD is a holder of a 'Spendenprüfzertifikat' issued by the 'Deutschen Evangelischen Allianz'[2]. This is a donor quality assurance certificate which is periodically reviewed.

CMD also partakes in other child-related charitable activities in Kenya and Israel.

Recently, CMS has also been involved in disaster relief and home rebuilding especially after the 2004 Tsunami.


The Indian operations are administered from a Central Office in Silverdale, Coonoor. The country operations are further split into six geographic areas, with Area Managers responsible for the Children's Homes in these areas.

Current Executive Management

  • President: Heinz Steinhäußer
  • Vice President: Dr. Horst Kowski
  • Treasurer: Willi Föll
  • Office Manager: Markus Romeis
  • Executive Director : Dinah U. Macaranas


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  2. Erteilte Spendenprüfzertifikate

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