Christian Fundamentalism teaches that every single word of the Bible is literally true and nothing there can possibly be false. The Bible says that the world was created about 6000 years ago so that has to be true for Christian Fundamentalists. More intelligent fundamentalists have to work hard to avoid noticing the contradictions and other problems with that. Young Earth Creationism

American Christian Fundamentalists

American Christian Fundamentalism is deeply intrenched in the Bible Belt. American Christian Fundamentalists sometimes believe that the United States is in some way specially chosen by God and has a special mission form God. This is hard to understand as the Bible doesn't even mention the United States. We wouldn't expect the Bible to mention America as the Bronze Age herders and Iron Age age farmers who wrote the Old Testament lived round the Mediterranean and had never heard of America. The people from the Roman Empire who wrote the New Testament knew nothing about America either. Any number of different peoples with any number of different religions try and use their religion to convince themselves that they are special.

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