Christian Bouchet (born January 17, 1955 in Angers, Maine-et-Loire) is a French far right journalist and politician. An exponent of the Third Position, with sympathies to National Bolshevism.

Coming from a far right family with monarchist and Organisation de l'armée secrète links, Bouchet served the Organization lutte de peuple and the Groupes nationalistes révolutionnaires.

After a spell in the Troisième Voie he set up Nouvelle Résistance in 1991 whilst also refounding the European Liberation Front. This group was absorbed by Unité Radicale in 1998. He has since gone on to lead the study group Réseau Radical which emphasised anti-Zionism.[1] In recent years Bouchet has advocated a closer link between nationalist groups and Islam.[2] He has also led the 'radical' tendency within the National Republican Movement and has sat on its national council.

He had published journal like Lutte de Peuple and now Résistance which focused on leftist nationalist and anti-Zionism themes. He owns some publishing house which publish volumes of Devi, Jean-François Thiriart, Francis Parker Yockey, Gabriele d'Annunzio, Alexandre Douguine and others.

He has done a PhD in anthropology about Aleister Crowley and wrote a lot of books about the extremist engagement in politics and religion.


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