Choir of Michael Turetsky (Russian: Хор Турецкого) (art group) is a musical collective under the direction of Michael Turetsky.

History of the collective

  • 1989 — created the choir of the Moscow Central Synagogue
  • 1990 — the debut of the choir
  • 1991—1994 — concert tour in Israel, USA, France, Canada, UK, Poland, etc.
  • 1995—1996 — the choir is divided, one part remained in Moscow, another one went to Miami
  • 1997 — the choir participated in the concert tour of Kobzon around 100 Russian towns
  • 1998—1999 — concert tour of the choir in CIS cities, new foreign concert tours
  • 2000—2001 — concert tour with Kobzon in Israel, concert tours in USA, Australia, Germany, and Israel
  • 2002 — Michael Turetsky awarded the title Honoured Artist of Russian Federation
  • 2002—2003 — new concert tours in USA and Germany
  • 2004, January — concert "10 Voices that amazed the World" in Central Concert Hall "Russia" in Moscow (ru: ГЦКЗ "Россия")
  • 2004, November — concert "When the men sing" in Israel (Haifa - Video recording)
  • 2004, December - concert "When the men sing" In the Kremlin Palace of Congresses with Emma Chapplin and Gloria Gaynor
  • 2005, January — concert tour around the US with program "When the men sing" (San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlantic City, Boston and Chicago).
  • 2005—2006 — concert tour with performance "Born to Sing" around Russia
  • 2006-2007 - concert tour with performance "Music of all timeses and folks" around Russia
  • 2008 - concert tour with performance "Hallelujah to love" around Russia
  • 2008-2009 - concert tour with performance "And the Show goes on..." around Russia


Soloist Started to sing in the choir
Michael Turetsky — the conductor, arts director and the creator of the choir

He has graduated from the Sveshnikov and the Gnessin Institute. He was the director of the children choir and the choir of the Yuri Sherling theater. From 1990 he is the organizer, conductor and art-project director (choirmaster) of the male choir of the Moscow Synagogue. Now it is well known as the Choir of Michael Turetsky (Turetsky's Choir). In 1993 the American Music Art Association awarded Michael Turetsky with the "Golden Crown" order as the best cantor.

Alex Aleksandrov — dramatic baritone

He has graduated from the Choral Singing College named after Sveshnikov and the Gnessin Institute in 1995. He is also responsible for choreography. He copies perfectly the voices of other pop stars like Toto Cutugno and Boris Moiseev.

Evgeny Koulmis, director of the choir — bass-profondo.

He started as a pianist. He graduated from the Gnessin Institute as a specialist in Musicology, then was a postgraduate. His voice is an extraordinary very low voice, much lower, than an ordinarry bass.

Evgeny Tulinov — assistant of art-director, dramatic tenor

He graduated from the Music College at Moscow Conservatory and from the Gnessin Institute. He is professional choir conductor, the possessor of very beautiful opera tenor voice

Mikhail Kuznetsovtenor altino

He graduated from the Gnessin Institute. Then he sang in the Moscow Chamber Choir conducted by Vladimir Minin. He possesses very rare natural voice — tenor-altino. He can sing both, male and female arias.

Artur Keisharranger and tenor

He graduated from the Gnessin Institute. He is the possessor of opera or jazz tenor voice. On October 10, 2007 it was announced that he was replaced by Konstantin Kabo (Kabanov) [1]

1994. Left the choir in October 2007.


Disk Name
High Holidays (Jewish religious songs)
  1. Ma Tovu
  2. Hashkivenu
  3. Torah Service
  4. Ki Lekach Tov
  5. B’rosh Ha Sho No
  6. Hayom Haras Olom
  7. Shehecheyonu
  8. V’al Yde Avodecho
  9. Hajjom T’ammezenu
  10. Kol Nidrei
  11. L’chu N’ranenoh
  12. Eil' Melech Yosheiv
  13. Himmoze Lonu
  14. Kionu Ammecho
  15. Classidic Kaddish
  1. Shiru Shalom
  2. Ismechu
  3. Ich Hob Dir
  4. Russion Mood
  5. Memory («Cats»)
  6. A Byssele Mazl
  7. Подмосковные Вечера
  8. Sunrise, Sunset («Fiddler on the Roof»)
  9. To Life («Fiddler on the Roof»)
  10. Be My Love
  11. Let my people go
  12. Hava Nagila
Jewish Songs
  1. Ma Tovu
  2. Hashkivenu
  3. Torah Service
  4. Ki Lekach Tov
  5. B’rosh Ha Sho No
  6. Hayom Haras Olom
  7. Shehecheyonu
  8. V’al Yde Avodecho
  9. Hajjom T’ammezenu
  10. Kol Nidrei
  11. L’chu N’ranenoh
  12. Eil' Melech Yosheiv
  13. Himmoze Lonu
  14. Kionu Ammecho
  15. Classidic Kaddish
Star Duets (ru:Звёздные дуэты)
  1. The show must go on (with Kirkorov)
  2. Memory from "Cats" (with Laima Vaikule)
  3. Venus (with Lolita)
  4. Feelings (with Gazmanov)
  5. Играл скрипач (with Mikhail Shufutinsky)
  6. L`chaim (with Boris Moiseev)
  7. Дорогие москвичи (with Laima Vaikule)
  8. Ой, мороз, мороз (with Nadezhda Kadysheva)
  9. Captain (ru:Капитан) (Live) (with Kobzon)
  10. Letka-enka (with Anastasia Stotskaya)
  11. O sole mio (Live) (with Nikolai Baskov)
Une vie d’amour (ru:Такая великая любовь)
  1. Une vie d’amour
  2. Composition «Money»
  3. Medley "USSR" (a cappella)
  4. Un amore cosi grande
  5. Прощальная песня
  6. Увезу тебя я в тундру
  7. Medley «Паровоз» (a cappella)
  8. Sports Medley
  9. Мы, друзья, перелетные птицы
  10. Yerushala’im Shel Zahav
  11. Песня старого извозчика (a cappella)
  12. Мишка-одессит
  13. Nessun Dorma
  14. Notre Dame de Paris
  15. Bonus (попурри из фрагментов песен на стихи Ю.Энтина (a cappella)
When the Men Sing (ru:Когда поют мужчины) (Concert in Haifa, DVD, 2004)

(see the next DVD)- concert without Gloria Gaynor and Emma Chapplin.

When the Men Sing (Concert in Moscow, DVD, 2004)
  1. Va pensiero from «Nabucco»
  2. Opera Medley
  3. Memory
  4. Un amore cosi grande
  5. Une vie d’amour
  6. Money of ABBA
  7. Vedi, Maria/Emma Chapplin-Carmin Meo
  8. Zug
  9. Песня старого извозчика
  10. Мы, друзья, перелётные птицы
  11. Meley «Паровоз»
  12. Мишка-одессит
  13. Medley USSR «СССР»
  14. Hava Nagila
  15. Ki mi Tzion, Shma Isroel
  16. Yerushalaim Shel Zahav
  17. Sim Shalom
  18. Let my people go
  19. Can't take my eyes
  20. Hit the road Jack
  21. I will survive - Gloria Gaynor
  22. Notre Dame de Paris
  23. Medley "San-Remo"
  24. Caruso
  25. Russian Medley (Русское попурри)
  26. Letka-enka (Летка-енка)
  27. Мурка
  28. O sole mio
  29. Diva
  30. Финал. Прощальная песня
Born to Sing (ru:Рожденные петь)

1st Part

  1. Aria of Loris from «Fedra»
  2. The second aria of Calaf from «Turandot»
  3. В горнице моей светло
  4. Opera Medley
  5. Ariozo of Phantom from «Phantom of the Opera»
  6. Увезу тебя я в тундру
  7. Liric scenes from Pushkin
  8. Liric scenes from Pushkin
  9. Liric scenes from Pushkin
  10. Полёт шмеля
  11. Medley «Паровоз»
  12. Голуби летят над нашей зоной
  13. Мишка-одессит
  14. Can’t buy my love
  15. Back in the USSR

2-nd Part

  1. Va pensiero from «Nabucco»
  2. Ma tovu (Jewish Religious Song)
  3. Requiem No 7 of Mozart
  4. Отче наш
  5. Choir of Apostols from «Jesus Christ - Superstar»
  6. Sim shalom
  7. Окрасился месяц багрянцем
  8. Папиросы
  9. Two Guitars (ru:Две гитары)
  10. Шар голубой
  11. Beigelach (ru:Бублики)
  12. Куплеты Бони из оперетты «Королева чардаша»
  13. Мурка
  14. Песня о дружбе
  15. Прощальная песня из к/ф «Обыкновенное чудо»


ru:Хор Турецкого

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