Chidagnikunda Sambhuta
Devanagari चीदाग्निकुंड संभूता
Affiliation Devi / Shakti / Lalita sahasranama

Chidagnikunda Sambhuta;Sanskrit: चीदाग्निकुंड संभूता is the Fourth name of Hindu goddess in Lalita Sahasranama.

Below are different meanings of this name, as per the Hindu Philosophy.

This name can be split into parts, Chit + Agni + Kunda + Sambhuta

Chit : It's the pure consciousness

Agni : The fire

Kunda : The altar.

Sambhuta : To be born from

The complete meaning is, the one who was born from the altar of the fire of consciousness

Chidagni is the fire of consciousness. By nature, it burns uninterruptedly, without any fuel and drives out the darkness of illusion. So the Goddess who actually not born but who possesses such alter is worshiped by devotees to get reed of the illusion from their lives. Devotees worship the Devi with this name so that they get this pure energy of consciousness because the Devi is the origin of this Chidagni.

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