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Cherie Call was born and raised in Arizona. She's been a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints all her life. She began writing her own songs as early as 13, but has always loved music.

She studied music at Brigham Young University and has recorded several LDS music albums. She has been featured on 7 other albums, including "Women of Destiny" and the soundtrack for films God's Army, Brigham City, and Charly. She wrote music for True Fans, the 2000 Banff Award-winning film.

Deseret Book signed Cherie in 2001, and she has released 3 albums under their label. Cherie has performed many times at the Blue Bird Cafe in Nashville, and was a finalist in the Kerrville New York songwriting competition. She speaks and performs to audiences around the country. Cherie lives in Utah with her husband, Joe, and baby daughter Madeline May.

Cherie wrote a song for Jason Wright's book, Recovering Charles. Click here to download it.


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