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| Name = Chaturbahu Samanvita

| Devanagari = चतुर्बहू समन्विता

| Affiliation = Devi / Shakti / Lalita sahasranama

Chaturbahu Samanvita;Sanskrit: चतुर्बहू समन्विता is the Seventh name of Hindu goddess in Lalita Sahasranama.

Below are different meanings of this name, as per the Hindu Philosophy.

This name can be split into parts, Chatuhu + Bahu + Samanvita

Chatuhu : means four (number 4)

Bahu : means the hand/arm.

Samanvita : means to have or to be with

The complete meaning is, the one who has four hands.

This name is towards the physical appearance of the Goddess. She is endowed with four arms.

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