The Rt Rev Mgr Charles John Klyberg was Bishop of Fulham from 1985[1]

to 1996. He was born on 29 July 1931[2],educated at Eastbourne College [3] and Lincoln Theological College before embarking on an ecclesiastical career with a curacy at St John's, East Dulwich[4]- after which he was Rector of Fort Jameson in Zambia [5]. Following this he was Vicar of Christ Church and St Stephen, Battersea[6]. Later he became Dean of Lusaka [7] before being elevated to the Episcopate[8]. An opponent of women priests, he was a Guardian of Our Lady of Walsingham [9] and later converted to Roman Catholicism [10].

Church of England titles
Preceded by
Brian John Masters
Bishop of Fulham
1985 – 1996
Succeeded by
John Charles Broadhurst


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