Charles Henry Brent (April 9, 1862 – March 27, 1929) was an American Episcopal bishop who served in the Philippines and western New York.

Born in Canada and educated at Trinity College, Toronto, Brent was originally stationed in a slum parish in Boston. In 1902, after the Philippines were acquired by the United States during the Spanish-American War, the Episcopal Church appointed Brent as Missionary Bishop of the Philippines and arrived on the same ship with the American Governor, William H. Taft. Brent focused on non-Christians, including the Igorots in Luzon, the Muslims, and the Chinese in Manila. He served on several international commissions to stop narcotic trafficking. During World War I, he was the Senior Chaplain for the American Armed Forces in Europe.

He declined three elections to bishoprics in the United States in order to continue his work in the Philippines, but in 1918, he accepted the position of Bishop of Western New York. He helped to organize the first World Conference on Faith and Order, which met in Lausanne, Switzerland, in 1927, and died in Lausanne in 1929. [1] March 27 is the commemoration of Brent in the Episcopal Church. However, as this commemoration commonly falls during Lent or Easter Week in most years, the alternative date of August 25 (his arrival in the Philippines) was recently adopted by the Central Philippines diocese in the Episcopal Church in the Philippines at its 2008 Diocesan Convention.


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