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Charles David Dale Doren was the first bishop consecrated to serve the Continuing Anglican movement, which began in 1977 in reaction to decisions taken in 1976 at the General Convention of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America. In January 1978 Doren was consecrated by a retired bishop of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America, the Right Reverend Albert Chambers, along with Bishop Francisco Pagtakhan of the Philippine Independent Church as co-consecrator. The Right Reverend Mark Pae of the Anglican Church of Korea sent a letter of consent. Bishop Doren, Bishop Chambers and Bishop Pagtakhan then consecrated James Mote, Robert Morse and Francis Watterson. Bishop Doren is regarded as, in effect, the "Primus" of the four bishops consecrated for the Continuing Anglican movement. It is these consecrations which began what would become the multi-jurisdictional Continuing Anglican movement. [1]

Following a disagreement with Bishop Mote, Doren and three of his parishes founded the United Episcopal Church of North America in 1981. The new church was intended to be a home for Anglicans of the Low Church tradition.


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