Chariclo (Ancient Greek: Χαρικλώ, Khariklṓ, graceful spinner;[1][2] pronounced: /kəˈrɪkloʊ/ or /ˈkærɨkloʊ/) is the name of two nymphs in Greek mythology:

  • Chariclo, daughter of Cychreus and Stilbe married[Chiron and became the mother of Hippe, Endeïs, Ocyrhoe, and Carystus.
  • Chariclo, a devotee of Athena, was a nymph who became pregnant by a shepherd, Everes, giving birth to the prophet Tiresias. Tiresias was struck blind by Athena after seeing her naked. Chariclo begged Athena to give him sight back, but the goddess could not undo her curse. She gave him the gift of prophecy instead.[3]


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