Channing Moore Williams
Channing Moore Williams.jpg
Channing Moore Williams
Born July 18, 1829, Richmond, Virginia
Died December 2, 1910, Richmond, Virginia
Venerated in Anglican Communion
Feast December 2

Channing Moore Williams, (17 July 1829 – 2 December 1910) was an Episcopalian missionary to China and Japan and later bishop. His saint's day on the Anglican calendar is 2 December.

Moore was born in Richmond, Virginia and ordained a deacon in 1855. He was ordained a priest in China in 1857 and later posted to Nagasaki, Japan in 1857. In 1866, he was consecrated Bishop of China and Japan. He went to Tokyo in 1874 and founded St. Paul's University, today known as Rikkyo University in Tokyo.

In 1878 he united various national Anglican missionary efforts into the Nippon Sei Ko Kai, (i.e. the "Holy Catholic Church"), the branch of the Anglican church in Japan. He stayed on in Kyoto, Japan after a successor was appointed in 1893, returning to America only in 1908, two years before his death in Richmond in 1910.

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