Chalciope {pronounced: /ˌkælˈsaɪ.əpi/; Greek: Χαλκιόπη), in Greek mythology, is a name that may refer to several characters.

  • Chalciope, daughter of King Aeetes of Colchis, sister of Medea and wife of Phrixus, by whom she had four sons: Argus, Phrontis, Melas and Cytisorus (some authors add Presbon).[1][2][3][4] When Aeetes was dethroned and banished by his brother Perses, Chalciope expressed great filial devotion and stayed by her father's side,[5] even though he had killed her husband.[2] Hesiod referred to her as Iophossa,[6] and Pherecydes as Euenia.[7]
  • Chalciope, daughter of Rhexenor (or of Chalcodon) and the second wife of Aegeas. She bore him no heirs.[8][9]
  • Chalciope, consort of the aforementioned Thessalus, mother of his son Antiphus,[12] presumably also of Pheidippus and Nesson.[13][14]
  • Chalciope or Chalcippe, daughter of Phalerus.[15]


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