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Chakki is a Punjabi term for a small set of 2 millstones (usually less than 24" in diameter) used to grind corn into flour. As late as the 1950s it was common for most households in Punjab to have a "Chakki". As grains tend to go rancid much quicker when they are ground the device allowed each household to mill only as much as was needed each day. The upper stone had a handle attached that allowed it to be rotated. The upper stone has a hole in the center into which the grain was poured. Grains could be left coarse or milled to a fine powder, such as atta (flour) or grist) which is used to make chappatis (flat bread), rotis, naans or parohtas, etc.

With the advent of commercial flour mills in Punjab, the tradition of having a Chakki in every household (once just as common as microwave ovens are today) has disappeared. Today with the concern for health modern appliances such as mixers or food processors often come with attachments that allow grains to be milled quickly at home again.

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