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Rabbi Chaim Shia Halberstam, Rabbi of Satmar-Monsey

Rabbi Chaim Joshua ("Chaim Shia") Halberstam is a Satmar rabbi in Monsey, New York. He is a son-in-law of the late Satmar Rebbe, Rabbi Moshe Teitelbaum, and a great-grandson of the late Rebbe Ben Zion Halberstam of Bobov.

Until the passing of the late Rebbe of Satmar, he was the Chief Rabbi of the Satmar Community in Monsey, New York . He was declared Rebbe by a group of around 500 Hasidim in Monsey, shortly after the passing of his father-in-law.. His mother's maiden name was Teitelbaum, a descendant of the Siget hasidic dynasty from which Satmar originates.

Lineage to Satmar

Rebbe Chaim Joshua Halberstam Satmar Rebbe of Monsey, son-in-law of Rebbe Moshe Teitelbaum

Lineage to Bobov

yi: חיים יהושע האלבערשטאם

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