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The Chūgoku 33 Kannon Pilgrimage (中国三十三観音霊場 Chūgoku Sanjūsan Kannon Reijō?) is one of a number of traditional Buddhist pilgrimage routes in Japan. The route includes 33 sites sacred to the boddhisattva Kannon, across the Chūgoku region (Okayama, Hiroshima, Yamaguchi, Shimane and Tottori prefectures). The 33 Kannon were selected in 1981.

List of Temples with Kannon

No. Temple Location
1 Saidai-ji (Kannon-in) Okayama, Okayama
2 Yokei-ji Oku, Okayama
3 Shōraku-ji (Senjū-in) Bizen, Okayama
special Tanjō-ji Kume District, Okayama
4 Kiyama-ji (Kanji-in) Maniwa, Okayama
5 Henshō-ji (Hōkai-in) Okayama, Okayama
6 Rendai-ji Kurashiki, Okayama
7 Entsū-ji Kurashiki, Okayama
8 Enkō-ji (Myō-ō-in) Fukuyama, Hiroshima
9 Jōdo-ji (Daijōritsu-in) Onomichi, Hiroshima
special Saigoku-ji (Sōji-in) Onomichi, Hiroshima
10 Senkō-ji Onomichi, Hiroshima
11 Kōjō-ji Onomichi, Hiroshima
12 Buttsū-ji Mihara, Hiroshima
13 Mitaki-dera (Mitaki-Kannon) Hiroshima
14 Suishō-ji (Daishō-in) Miyajima, Hiroshima
special Hannya-ji (Yōmei-in) Hirao, Yamaguchi
15 Kanyō-ji Shunan, Yamaguchi
16 Tōshun-ji Yamaguchi, Yamaguchi
17 Ryūzō-ji Yamaguchi, Yamaguchi
18 Sōrin-ji Ube, Yamaguchi
19 Kōzan-ji Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi
20 Daishō-in Hagi, Yamaguchi
21 Kannon-in Hagi, Yamaguchi
22 Tada-ji Hamada, Shimane
23 Kando-ji Izumo, Shimane
24 Zenjō-ji Unnan, Shimane
25 Gakuen-ji (Ichijō-in) Izumo, Shimane
26 Ichihata-ji Izumo, Shimane
27 Unju-ji Yasugi, Shimane
28 Kiyomizu-dera (Yasugi) Yasugi, Shimane
29 Daisen-ji Daisen, Tottori
30 Hase-dera Kurayoshi, Tottori
31 Sanbutsu-ji Misasa, Tottori
special Ninma-ji Tottori, Tottori
32 Jigen-ji (Kannon-in) Tottori, Tottori
33 Daiun-in Tottori, Tottori

See also

ja:中国三十三観音霊場 zh:中國三十三觀音靈場

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