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The Château de Saint-Hubert, otherwise the Manoir de Saint-Hubert, is a château in Chavenon in the Allier départment in the Auvergne Region of France.


The building was in origin a hunting lodge in the Bois de Sceauve belonging to the nearby Château de Laly in Le Montet. It was completely rebuilt as a full-scale château in the 19th century by the then owner, M. Pierre Camus (1845-1905), who also commissioned the landscape gardener François-Marie Treyve to create the surrounding park.

The building has been used since 2006 as a Russian Orthodox monastery.


  • Summed up and translated from the equivalent article at French Wikipédia, 31 October 2007

Coordinates: 46°25′56″N 2°57′49″E / 46.43222°N 2.96361°E / 46.43222; 2.96361

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