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Central Arava Regional Council
District South
Government Regional council
Hebrew מועצה אזורית הערבה התיכונה
Population 2300 (2004)
Area 1400000 dunams (1,400 km2; 540 sq mi)
Founded in 1977

The Central Arava Regional Council (Hebrew: מועצה אזורית הערבה התיכונה‎) is a Regional Council in the South District of Israel.

It encompasses 7 or 8 settlements near the eastern border of Israel, south of the Dead Sea. All settlements are located near Route 90, which is the longest north-south road in Israel.

Settlements in the council

The following towns and villages are located in the Central Arava Regional Council:

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Coordinates: 30°48′00″N 35°15′00″E / 30.800°N 35.250°E / 30.800; 35.250ca:Arabà Central cs:Oblastní rada Centrální Arava

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