Catholic Public Domain Version
Full name: Catholic Public Domain Version
Abbreviation: CPDV
Complete Bible published: 100% complete, March 28th, 2009
Textual Basis: Sixtus V and Clement VIII Latin Vulgate
Translation type: modern
Copyright status: Public domain (copyright waived)
Online address:

The Catholic Public Domain Version (CPDV), is an English translation of the Bible from the Latin Vulgate, prepared and edited by Catholic writer Ronald L. Conte Jr.. The translator used the Challoner Douay-Rheims version as a guide in translating the Latin Vulgate edition of Popes Sixtus V and Clement VIII. This translation is published together with the Latin Vulgate text, translation notes, and commentary.

The CPDV is published without ecclesiastical approval and hence has not obtained official recognition as a Catholic version of Sacred Scripture. Canon 825 of the Roman Catholic Code of Canon Law provides:

§1. Books of the sacred scriptures cannot be published unless the Apostolic See or the conference of bishops has approved them. For the publication of their translations into the vernacular, it is also required that they be approved by the same authority and provided with necessary and sufficient annotations.

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