Procession of the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ-Bruges; Prelatuur Processie

Cathedral chapter of Bruges

In accordance with canon law, a cathedral chapter is a body of clerics (chapter) formed to advise a bishop and, in the case of a vacancy of the episcopal see in some countries, to govern the diocese in his stead. These councils are made up of canons and dignitaries; their creation is the purview of the pope. They can be "numbered," in which case they are provided with a fixed prebend, or "unnumbered," in which case the bishop indicates the number of canons according to the rents.

Originally, it referred to a section of a monastic rule that was read out daily during the assembly of a group of canons or other clergy attached to a cathedral or collegiate church. Later it came to be applied to the group of clergy itself.[1]

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an:Capítol de la seu

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