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This category lists users according to their ability in the gujarati language.

  • 1 stands for basic knowledge
  • 2 stands for intermediate knowledge
  • 3 stands for advanced or fluent knowledge
  • (none) stands for 1st language speakers (color:green)

For a list of language specific tags see Meta:Babel templates.

br:Rummad:Implijer gu

da:Kategori:Brugere gugu:Category:User gulad:Categoría:User gu ja:Category:User gu no:Kategori:Bruker gu pt:Categoria:Usuários gu ksh:Saachjrupp:Wikipedia:Medmaacher kann Gusjaraati sk:Kategória:User gu wa:Categoreye:Uzeus gu zh:Category:Gu 使用者

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