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Is Marriage a Nine day wonder?

If someone will ask this question to a un-married person, you probably hear No from 80% and Yes from 20%. However, if you will ask this question to marriage guys, most of all says yes. If so, i am wondering why somebody marry. Is this a tradition which everyone need to follow or what? Or marriage is going to be a fashion for everyone on this juncture? I am just wonder when i see the ratio of divorce. It's getting high day by day instead of fixing.

Even though, i have seen in many cases where couples are enjoying their golden years by spending times of 50 years with each other and they wishing to die each other. They have really made history in the revolutions of modern marriage. They are the ideal of everyone why are married and who gonna get marry soon. Marriage life if never ever easy. You need to understand the feelings of your partner and the first and foremost thing is compatibility. You should observe your partner more and more before marrying. There is no late in marriage, however if you did it without observing, you should be paid for that. No one can't predict or account someone character in one glance or more. Judge your partner by putting him in different circumstances. After all time is the best teacher. And time will teach you who is best for your and who is worst. A team from oriya matrimonials

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