Note: A Hasidic dynasty usually has some or all of the following characteristics:
  1. It was originally founded by an outstanding spiritual leader, often known as an ADMOR (abbreviation for ADoneinu MOreinu Rabeinu ("our master, our teacher and our rabbi") or simply as Rebbe (or "the Rebbe") and at times called "The Ruv" ("the rabbi") and sometimes referred to in English as a "Grand Rabbi";
  2. It usually continues beyond the initial leader's lifetime by succession (usually by a selected member or family descendant);
  3. It is usually named after a key town in Eastern Europe where the founder may have been born or lived, or where the group began to grow and flourish;
  4. It has had (or once had) followers who, through time, continue following successive leaders (rebbes) or may even continue as a group without one leader by following the precepts of a deceased leader.yi:קאַטעגאָריע:חסידישע הויפן


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