The saints in these categories are recognized as saints by various Christian churches which recognize saints. Individuals who are recognized only by one or more of the subsidiary church groupings or individual churches will be included in those subcategories below. People that are considered "Beatified" or "Venerable" by the Roman Catholic Church are not in these in die christendom ar:تصنيف:قديسون بحسب المعتقد المسيحي bg:Категория:Християнски светци cy:Categori:Seintiau Cristnogoleo:Kategorio:Kristanaj sanktulojko:분류:가톨릭 성인 ka:კატეგორია:ქრისტიანი წმინდანები sw:Jamii:Watakatifu Wakristo hu:Kategória:Szentek, boldogok mk:Категорија:Христијански светциoc:Categoria:Sant crestianru:Категория:Христианские святые sr:Категорија:Свеци th:หมวดหมู่:นักบุญ tr:Kategori:Hıristiyan aziz ve azizeleri vec:Categoria:Biografie de santi


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