This article is about the Cardinal named Carlo Rezzonico. For information about Pope Clement XIII go to the corresponding article.

Carlo Rezzonico (April 25, 1724 - January 26, 1799) was a cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church. He is sometimes referred to as The Younger to distinguish him from his uncle Pope Clement XIII who also bore the name Carlo Rezzonico. He served as Vice-Chancellor of the Holy Roman Church (1758-1763), Camerlengo of the Holy Roman Church (1763-1799) and Secretary of the Roman Inquisition (1777-1799). He was also bishop of Sabina (1773-1776) and Bishop of Porto e Santa Rufina (1776-1799). As Cardinal Camerlengo he participated in the papal conclave, 1769 and papal conclave, 1774-1775.

He belonged to the Zelanti faction and defended the Society of Jesus against the accusations that finally led to the suppression of this order.


Preceded by
Girolamo Colonna di Sciarra
Camerlengo of the Holy Roman Church
1763 - 1799
Succeeded by
Romoaldo Braschi-Onesti

sl:Carlo Rezzonico mlajši

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