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Carlo Gualterio
Church positions
See Archdiocese of Fermo
Title Archbishop of Fermo Emeritus, Cardinal priest of Sant'Eusebio
Period in office October 5, 1654—before April 30, 1668
Successor Giannotto Gualterio
Previous post Rector of La Sapienza University, Rome
Created cardinal March 2, 1654
Date of birth 1613
Place of birth Orvieto, Italy
Date of death January 1, 1673 at age of 59
Place of death Rome, Italy

Carlo Gualterio (1613 - January 1, 1673) was an Italian Roman Catholic cardinal.


Gualterio was born at Orvieto. Among his relatives, Silvio Antoniani was cardinal and Sebastiano Gualterio had been Bishop of Viterbo, Papal Nuncio to France and the Council of Trent. He was related to Donna Olimpia Maidalchini and Pope Innocent X Pamphilj, and also grand-uncle of Cardinal Filippo Antonio Gualterio and great-grand-uncle of Cardinal Luigi Gualterio.

He studied law and became a consistorial lawyer. Later he was made referendary of the Tribunals of the Apostolic Signature and Rector of La Sapienza University, Rome.

Carlo Gualterio was created cardinal deacon in the consistory of March 2, 1654 by Pope Innocent X and opted for the deaconary of S. Pancrazio. From 1672 to 1673 he was Camerlengo of the Sacred College of Cardinals.

He was elected Archbishop of Fermo on October 5, 1654. He took part in the Papal conclave of 1655 and in that of 1667. He resigned the government of the archdiocese before April 30, 1668 in favour of his nephew Giannotto Gualterio. Promoted to the order of Cardinal Priest on December 25, 1668 with the title of Sant'Eusebio, he participated in the Papal Conclave of 1669-1670.

Carlo Gualterio died in 1673 of an apoplexy in Rome. He was transferred to Orvieto and buried in the tomb of his family in the local cathedral[1]

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