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Carey Grant

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Carey B. Grant is a Canadian Christian involved in music ministry in Canada.

Carey B. Grant is a singer/songwriter. His music is poetic and well put together. Listerners will be encouraged, entertained and touched, through his music.

Carey has always wanted to record a CD that would capture a live feel without compromising the message that is timeless. Producer David Rashed, suggested that Carey go back to where he started in his musical journey. The result was a new CD called "Free To Fly". Some songs were inspired by dreams and flowed out quickly. Others were built out of favorite musical ideas. "Free to Fly" is a guitar driven CD that captures the many writing styles of Carey; and features: David Rashed electric and Tommy Detamore on steel guitar.

Carey B. Grant has recorded a number of music albums including:

Carey has appeared on television programs including:


Carey B. Grant can be contacted via:

Christian Testimony

  Carey grew up listening to "Rock a Billy Sounds" of His Dad singing songs like: "Johnny Cash-I Walk the Line", 

"Hank Williams-I Saw The Light","Elvis", "Kitty Wells-Honky Tonk Angels" He watched His Dad sing songs at Church 'n' and then afterwards He would sing together with Him at Home.

  In 1977, Carey began gigging wk-ends at: Hotels, House Parties & Wedding Halls; covering 50's, Punk, 

British, Country & Rock 'n' Blues Artists. After Ten years, He Acquired Some Live performance skills, ect which Landed Three Big Breaks. The First break was a great experience into a new level of gig; where He opened for an Obscure Texan Band / Barrymores, Ottawa, {Who is a Cross between Stevie Ray Vaughn & CCR & Who just got off Tour with The Fabuous Thunderbirds} "Omar and The Howlers."

  After Dropping out of Highschool, He moved to Toronto, to pursue a Music Career equipped with an Aria/Electric Guitar & 8-track stereo for a ampliflier. 

While in Toronto He frequented Live Band Clubs & called newspaper " Drama / Music adds. With no substantial leads & minimum wage jobs, He moved back home; discouraged. The Second, was a Break Out of Denial. He had an Alcohol Addiction and had dabbled and drifted away from His roots, into secularism & other philosophies that left His Heart empty & hard. After Wrestling with Depression, Anxiety; He finally listened to His Mother; Who prayed, He'd meet People Who could Mentor Positive Changes in His Life.

  He Decided to physically lighten The Load & Sold His Truck & Gear and Called Alcoholics Annonymous. 

He Aggressively Attended many Meetings ... { 90 meetings in 90 Days / then weekly for approx 6 years } during which time, He was able to Get Back on to His Feet and completed A Highschool Diploma in Alternative School with 5 english courses. Through A Teacher's encouragement, He wrote some Poetry which He sent out to Several University Contests.

With His guitar, new direction, a suitcase and a Few of His own Songs; He hiked-a-ride West to Kingston.

The "Third Awesomely Big Break" happened in a Little Country Chapel one Spring Night, May 1990. 

While singin' Hymns to Jesus with five Christian Church Folk. He had sang Hymns before; but these people knew who they were Singin' To and seemed trustworthy and genuine. With nothin' to lose He continued to hangout and a half hour or so later, Wham !

He Found Himself; Surrounded with an Incredible Peace.

This was where He found out that, "The Lord is Real"! This was where He first met "Jesus". The Invisable, profound Power of Jesus.

 From Carey's first CD "A Beggar Without His Bride - then - "More of You and Less of Me - most recent release - Free To Fly" is an expression of His personal journey with the Lord through song and how His personal style's evolving.
Although life's has many twists and turns,  

He knows The Lord's steady, unchanging power has overidden the anguish of addiction and He has brought purpose and destiny into his life.


Free To Fly's Raw Spontaneous Rock/Blues Sounds are an new Extension of Carey's Personality. His Hope is that through The Music / You will be Encouraged, Entertained and Touched.

Media Career Tips

Carey B. Grant recommends that

How to Help Carey B. Grant

You can help Carey & His Family & People He Works with: Through - Prayer for the Doors that The Lord wants opened ... and for God's Will to be done in Future Thank You Jesus Hears and Answers Prayer.

You may also view his videos. please go to the front page of CAREY's WEBSITE. Section "2" of this Wiki Christian Page and scroll down the radio listings and click the ON-LINE STORE link ... to listen to samples of and to purchase Carey's Music. Thank You ... For supporting a Canadian Christian Singer-Song Writer.

Worth Quoting from Carey B. Grant

Carey B. Grant made the following significant quotations:

  • "The Lord has Time for You; talk To Him and He will answer; even when We forget, He wont forget You!" -Carey Grant , date (Feb 10 2009)

Accolades For Carey B. Grant

People are saying the following about the life and media ministry of Carey B. Grant.

  • "It was a pleasure hearing Carey sing during the April 12, 2004 Northern Praise Ministries meeting. Carey's heartfelt lyric writing and experienced musical presentation expresses his deep love for our Lord Jesus."
    -- David M.R.D. Spencer, Past Project Leader for - April 12, 2004

  • "Carey B. Grant is a GREAT man of God. I have prayed with him for over 15 years. I should know! Our beloved Lord works very powerfully through him!
    -- Fr. Michael Tapajna, Intern

  • "Carey is a Rockin' Blues Guy. He has gone through life changing experiences and come out onto the other side knowing the Holy Spirit's Power ! His music is poetic and well put together. You will be encouraged, entertained and touched through his music.
    -- Michelle Sim,Founder of Northern Praise Ministries, Oakville, Ontario, Canada

  • "Your sound reminds Me alot of Danny Brooks, its gutsy and from the Heart. It's real and tells it like it is." Teresa.

  • "Thank you for the Beautiful Music it has Blessed My Heart. May God continue to use You mightly.

We met at Faith Gospel Tabernacle. --Bernadine

  • "This is a great tune and even greater performance. What I can't beleive is that the 330 people before Me didn't rate this tune. This kind of Music performance is rarely attained and I'm thrilled to have witnessed it. WOW!" Canadian Blues Artist/Song-writer: Template:Danny Brooks ... CD- Free To Fly ... Song ... I Believe

  • " Carey's music and Message struck a chord with quite a few people, again."

Thanks John Wedlake Sept / 09

  • " Hi Carey,

Glad to see You are pursuing your career; since in this time and era you are most likey to reach people through your music. I know, I have seen one of your concerts, where people couldn't move very well at the front and moved to back of the room so they could sway and dance more freely. That was amazing to Me since some of the people of all ages, were older. They wanted encores but it had to come to an end; so You see, You can stir up a crowd. So continue to do what The Lord has empowered You to do, Work with all wonderful instrumental gifts and knowledge to compose music. Praise The Lord with a New Song. " Marie Clair Sept/09 Charlottetown PEI

  • "Richard Lepage:Facebook:" hi carey, i just watch your video " i will follow you" and i give it two thumbs up !!! "

  • " James Megah: England:

Great well done, You are a Blessing !!! "



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