In his Christmas Message 1945, His Holiness Pope Pius XII announced his intention, to make the College of Cardinals a living picture of the universality of the Church. Included here are cardinals created by Pope Pius XII in the consistory January 12, 1953

Twenty-four cardinals were created by Pope Pius XII in the consistory of January 12, 1953:

Benjamín de Arriba y Castro, Gaetano Cicognani, Pietro Ciriaci, Celso Benigno Luigi Costantini, John D'Alton, Francesco Borgongini Duca, Maurice Feltin, Valerian Gracias, Georges-François-Xavier-Marie Grente Paul-Émile Léger, Giacomo Lercaro, Crisanto Luque Sánchez, Marcello Mimmi, James McIntyre Manuel Arce y Ochotorena Alfredo Ottaviani, Fernando Quiroga y Palacios, Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli, Augusto da Silva, Giuseppe Siri, Aloysius Stepinac, Carlos María Cardinal de la Torre, Valerio Valeri, Stefan Wyszyński

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