In Greek mythology, Capys (Ancient Greek: Κάπυς) was a name attributed to three individuals:

  • A son of Assaracus and Hieromneme (daughter of Simois), and father of Anchises (by his wife Themiste, sister of Laomedon and daughter of Ilus and Eurydice) and so grandfather of Aeneas. He, or a different Capys, founded the city of Capua.[1]
  • The Trojan who warned not to bring the Trojan horse into the city.
  • A descendant of Aeneas and king of Alba Longa.

According to Roman sources, in the Etruscan language the word "capys" meant 'hawk' or 'falcon' (or possibly 'eagle' or 'vulture').

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  1. Virgil Aeneid 10.145
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