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The Capuchin Friary in Crest in Drôme, France, is a house of Capuchin friars.

It was established in 1609 in the former Benedictine priory of Crest. It was confiscated by the state during the French Revolution and sold off, but restored to the Capuchins in 1820, when it became a seminary in preparation for the overseas mission field. The friars were expelled in 1903 under the anticlerical laws then in force but were able to return in 1920.

Armand-François-Marie de Charbonnel (1802-1891), former Bishop of Toronto, Canada, was a friar there in his retirement and is buried in the friary church.


Coordinates: 44°44′0″N 5°0′56″E / 44.733333°N 5.01556°E / 44.733333; 5.01556

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