Greek Orthodox church at Cape Jason (1868).

Cape Jason (Turkish: Yason Burnu) (Turkish: Iason) (Ancient Greek: Ιάσων) is a cape located at Çaytepe / Çaka (officially Aziziye) villages, Perşembe (formerly Vona) district, Ordu Province, Turkey (The North East Shores of Turkey). Its name is derived from the mythological leader Jason of the Argonauts.


Cape Jason harkens back to ancient times when a temple of Jason stood at the edge of the sea, protecting the sailors of Black Sea's treacherous waters. A church later replaced the temple with a similar mission. It now sits in total solitude in an overgrown cornfield next to a lighthouse overlooking the roaring waves of the Pontus.

2009.05.23 - Iason Church - by Kerem Koç

Jason Church, 2009

Cape Yason Natural and Archeological Sit Area in the borders of Çaytepe village Perşembe county, is form of a little peninsula lie towards sea. By means of second degree natural and archeological sit area it taken under protection. On this area a church with garden wall ruin still out stands. Moreover some parts of wall ruins lies all along the sea coast, ancient port and fish breeding pools remained to nowadays.

A church is located on Iason Cape. It's built in 1868 by Georgians and Rums (the successors of Roman People) living in the region.


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Coordinates: 41°8′0″N 37°41′0″E / 41.133333°N 37.683333°E / 41.133333; 37.683333tr:Yason Burnu

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