Campion College (Regina)
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City: Regina
Country: Canada
General Information
Type: University
Founded: 1917
Address & Contact Information
Address: University of Regina
City: Regina
Postal code: S4S 0A2
Country: Canada

Campion College (Regina) is a Jesuit sponsored higher education institution located in Canada in Regina. It was founded in 1917. Campion College is named after the Jesuit priest and scholar, St. Edmund Campion. The college was founded through a special Act of the Legislature of the Province of Saskatchewan as the “Catholic College of Regina.” In 1923, Campion attained status as a Junior College of the University of Saskatchewan, and was the first institution in Regina through which students could earn a bachelor’s degree. In 1964, the College was granted federation with the University of Saskatchewan, Regina Campus, later to become the University of Regina. Campion College is the only Jesuit, liberal arts university college in Canada, and is dedicated to the values associated with a university-level educational experience. Campion is federated with the University of Regina and is located on the university’s main campus, which is set in one of the largest urban parks in North America.

Contact Information

University of Regina; Regina, SK S4S 0A2, Canada.

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