Camp Ramah in Canada, or (Hebrew: מחנה רמהMachaneh Ramah) is a Jewish summer camp located in Utterson, Ontario, Canada.

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The Max and Beatrice Wolfe Campus is based on Skeleton Lake, only two hours from Toronto. Part of the National Ramah Commission, Ramah camps in the United States, Canada, and Israel are all religious camps governed by Conservative Judaism. Camp Ramah uses both overnight and day camps.

"Edot" or "Units"

Every age group is an edah. The edot are; Shorashim-ages 7–8 (Taste of Ramah, two week experience), Niztanim 1-ages 8–9, Nitzanim 2-ages 9–10, Arazim-ages 10–11, Kfirim-ages 11–12, Tzirim-ages 12–13 , Nachshonim-ages 13–14, Magshimim-ages 14–15, and Alonim-ages 15–16.

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