Camillo Astalli by Diego Velázquez, 1650

Portrait by Diego Velasquez, 1650 (Hispanic Society, New york)

Camillo Francesco Maria Pamphili or Pamphilj (Naples, 21 February 1622 – his palazzo on via Lata, Rome, 26 July 1666) was an Italian cardinal of the Pamphili family.


He studied humanistic topics such as poetry, philosophy, mathematics and architecture. He was the son of Pamphilio Pamphili and Olimpia Maidalchini, thus making him a nephew of pope Innocent X, who (in line with the nepotism of the time) made him a cardinal with the titulus of Santa Maria in Domnica on 14 November 1644. At his mother's request he resigned as a cardinal on 21 February 1647 to marry Olimpia Aldobrandini, princess of Rossano, widow of prince Paolo Borghese (1624-1646) on 10 February 1647. His son Benedetto also became a cardinal.



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