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Camillo Caccia-Dominioni
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Reference style His Eminence
Spoken style Your Eminence
Informal style Cardinal
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Camillo Caccia-Dominioni (February 7, 1877—November 12, 1946) was an Italian Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church. He served as Prefect of the Pontifical Household from 1921 to 1935, and was elevated to the cardinalate in 1935.


Born in Milan, Camillo Caccia-Dominioni studied at the seminary in that same city before attending the Pontifical Gregorian University (from where he obtained his doctorate in canon law) and the Pontifical Academy of Ecclesiastical Nobles (from where he graduated in 1898[1]) in Rome. He was ordained to the priesthood by Cardinal Andrea Ferrari on September 23, 1899. Caccia-Dominioni did pastoral work in Rome until 1921, and finished his studies in 1902. In 1903, he was appointed Coadjutor-Canon of St. Peter's Basilica.

Named Protonotary Apostolic on June 27, 1921, Caccia-Dominioni was raised to the rank of Monsignor on September 24, 1914. He was appointed Prefect of the Pontifical Household, the papal majordomo, by Pope Benedict XV on June 16, 1921. Upon the death of Pope Benedict on January 22, 1922, Caccia-Dominioni and all other major Vatican officials, in accord with custom, automatically lost their positions during the sede vacante. He was later confirmed as Prefect of the Pontifical Household by Pope Pius XI on the following February 7, and succeeded to the post of Canon of St. Peter's Basilica on February 14, 1924. Caccia-Dominioni was considered to be a protege of Pius XI[2], at whose final hours the former was present in his bedchamber[3].

Caccia-Dominioni was created Cardinal Deacon of S. Maria in Domnica by Pope Pius XI in the consistory of December 16, 1935. He was one of the cardinal electors in the 1939 papal conclave, which selected Pope Pius XII. In virtue of his position of Protodeacon (the senior Cardinal Deacon), Caccia-Dominioni announced Pius XII's election and later crowned him on March 12, 1939.

The Cardinal died from a heart ailment in Rome, at age 69[2]. He is buried in the crypt of the Basilica of Ss. Ambrogio e Carlo.


  • It was falsely speculated that Caccia-Dominioni had been elevated to a cardinal in pectore by Pius XI in the consistory of March 13, 1933[4].


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