15th century followers of John Hus. Notable for their promotion of the concept that the layity be administered the sacraments of the Eucharist. The 1421 Articles of Prague stated the Calixtines beliefs as

1. That the Word of God should be preached freely and without impediment throughout the kingdom of Bohemia.

2. That the Sacrament of the Divine Eucharist should be freely administered in both kinds, that is, under the species of bread and of wine, to all Christians not disqualified by mortal sin, according to the command and institution of the Savior.

3. That any clergyman engaged in the pursuit of secular power, or of wealth and temporal goods, contrary to the precept of Christ, to the prejudice of his office, and to the injury of the State, should be forbidden such pursuits and made to live according to the Evangelical rule and Apostolic life which Christ lived with his Apostles.

4. That all mortal sins, and particularly public ones, should be properly punished by those to whom the duty of suppressing them belongs, and by reason of the law of God.


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