On 4 October 2008 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced that it would build a new temple in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The temple will be located on the northeast corner of Royal Oak Rd NW and Rocky Ridge Rd NW, Calgary, Alberta. The site has a panoramic view of the city and is adjacent to the Royal Oak Chapel in northwest Calgary. Over 18,000 members of the Church in 6 stakes will use the temple.

The new Tuscany/Royal Oak rail station will be within short walking distance of the temple, facilitating access for those who use public transportation. The completion of the Calgary Ring Road, with a close exit, will make the temple accessible for those traveling by car.

The temple will be Canada's eighth temple and Alberta's third.

Mormons first began to settle in southern Alberta in the 1880s as contract workers on the Canadian Pacific Railroad and as farmers in present-day Cardston. By 1895, the first stake in Alberta was established, and membership in the Church has continued to thrive ever since. Today there are over 75,000 members throughout the province (LDS Newsroom, 4 Oct. 2008).

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