Caleb Fairley (born 1974) is a murderer from Gulph Mills, Pennsylvania.

Early life

As a child, Fairley was close to his younger brother, who accidentally shot and killed himself while playing with a loaded gun. He was also overweight as a child and was thus ridiculed at school, particularly by girls. He also claims to have been continuously undermined by his mother. As an adult, he became an avid collector of pornography and vampire memorabilia.


On September 10, 1995, Fairley was working alone at Your Kidz & Mine, a children's clothing store owned by his parents in Collegeville, Pennsylvania. Just before closing time Lisa Manderach (September 30, 1965 - September 10, 1995) and her 19-month-old daughter Devon (February 4, 1994 - September 10, 1995) entered the store.[1] Fairley locked the doors to the store when he realized that they were the only customers present and then strangled both of them to death. After the murder he sexually assaulted the corpses and went on to an Electric Hellfire Club concert that he had been planning to attend that night.

Arrest and trial

Unbeknownst to Fairley, Lisa Manderach had told her husband exactly where she was going. When she did not return he contacted local police, who found her car parked outside. A search of Your Kidz & Mine revealed stacks of pornography stained with what appeared to be blood and long black hairs consistent with Manderach's. Similar hairs were found in the store's vacuum cleaner. Also present was a large damp spot on the carpet that was later determined to be saliva. The police also noted that peepholes had been drilled into the dressing rooms.

A search of Fairley's room in his mother's house revealed an extensive collection of pornography and a black sweatshirt that depicted an image of a vampire attacking a young woman who bore a stunning resemblance to Lisa Manderach.

When police questioned Fairley, he was wearing a thick coat of makeup on his face. When detectives told him to wipe it off, his face was covered with obvious scratch marks. When this was pointed out to Fairley by authorities, he said that he had received them in a mosh pit at a local club called the Asylum that catered to goths and role-players interested in Vampire: The Masquerade. When hikers discovered Devon Manderach's strangled body dumped on a hill at Valley Forge National Park, Fairley was charged with murder. Fairley entered a plea bargain in which prosecutors would not seek the death penalty if he would show them the location of Lisa Manderach's body.[1] Prosecutors believe that when Fairley saw Lisa Manderach, he remembered his sweatshirt and interpreted her appearance as a supernatural message. He strangled Lisa and her daughter, closed the store early, and cleaned up the area. He then disposed of their bodies in separate locations. Fairley was tried in April 1996 and convicted on two counts of first-degree murder, for which he received two life sentences. He currently resides at a state correctional facility in LaBelle, Pennsylvania.


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