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CJRS, branded as Radio Shalom Montreal, is a 24-hour non-profit radio station based in Montreal, Canada. It is Canada’s first and only trilingual Jewish radio station. It broadcasts in French, English and Hebrew. The station broadcasts at 1650 AM. Its current president is Robert Levy.

Radio Shalom is the only radio station in Canada that broadcasts mizrahi, yiddish, ladino, klezmer, hassidic and Israeli music. Radio Shalom is also, the only all Jewish radio station in North America. In accordance to Halakha (Jewish law), Jewish programming on Radio Shalom is suspended on Shabbat and on Jewish holidays. During those periods, the station brands itself simply as CJRS 1650 AM, and also as Radio CMM (Communications Michel Mathieu) and CKZW 1650, Le son gospel du Quebec. French gospel music is featured during these times.

Call sign

The station's call letters of CJRS are said to represent the station's branding of Radio Shalom. A common interpretation is that they actually stand for "Canadian Jewish Radio Station" or "Radio Shalom," and station executives have confirmed that they, in fact, may. The fact that CJRS and Radio Shalom share similar initials of RS is purely coincidental.

The CJRS call sign was previously used by Radiomutuel's Sherbrooke outlet, at 1510 on the dial. It went off the air along with a host of other AM stations in 1994.

When CJRS plays French gospel music, they identify themselves as CKZW 1650, Le son gospel du Quebec. It is unknown whether or not the CKZW call letters have been registered with the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission.


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