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Buqata entry road
Status Template:Flag Template:Flag. Occupied and administered by Israel, claimed by Syria.
Israeli District North District
Israeli Subdistrict Golan
Syrian Governorate Quneitra Governorate
Syrian District Quneitra District

Buq'ata (Arabic: بقعاتة‎; Hebrew: בֻּקְעָאתָא‎) is a Druze town in the northern Golan Heights, administered by Israel. It covers an area of 7,000 dunams (7 km²), at a height of 1,070 metres above sea level, between Mount Hermonit and Mount Varda. Buq'ata achieved recognition as a Local Council in 1982. The population is 5,700 (2007),[1] with an annual growth rate of 2%.


According to Israel's Central Bureau of Statistics (2001), the village is ranked just 2 out of 10 on the national socioeconomic index. In 2000, only 72.5 % of Grade 12 students were entitled to a matriculation certificate, and the average income was NIS 2,457 per month, as compared to the national average of NIS 6,835. The local economy is predominantly agricultural, with apples and grapes being the main crops. Many residents works as laborers in the neighboring settlements.


Buq'ata was founded in the 1880s by families from the neighboring town of Majdal Shams. It was destroyed in 1888 during a series of feuds between rival villages in the area, and again in 1925, during the Druze revolt. In 1967, the town was captured by Israel from Syria during the Six-Day War.


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Coordinates: 33°12′N 35°47′E / 33.2°N 35.783°E / 33.2; 35.783cs:Buk'ata

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