The Buenos Aires Carnival (Spanish: Carnaval de Buenos Aires or Corso de Buenos Aires) is an annual event that takes place during the Carnival festivities, usually at the end of February on the streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The two day event features parades, colourful customs, water bombs and many other amusement activities.

During the 20th century, the Carnavales at Avenida de Mayo (de Mayo Avenue) were very popular, but they were discontinued first during the |military government of the 1970s, and then during the 1990s. Mayor Aníbal Ibarra promoted the comeback of carnival (mainly into the barrios) in the mid 2000s, and the Avenida de Mayo show returned in 2006.

The public administration workers of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires are given two work-free days during the carnival season, but this does not apply to private companies. The Murgas and other carnival groups have held marches to protest for carnival holidays for everyone.

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