An article originally published at The Dhamma Encyclopedia's mother website, with the title Buddhists around the World by Dr. David N. Snyder. The statistics are shown here as well:

Area Percent Buddhist Buddhists
China, liberal est. 80.00% 1,070,893,447
China, conservative est. 50.00% 669,308,405
Japan 96.00% 122,022,837
Thailand 95.00% 62,626,649
India 3.25% 37,913,134
Sri Lanka 70.00% 14,933,050
Other Asian countries 20.00% 280,209,398
Total Buddhists in Asia, lib. est. 1,588,598,515
Total Buddhists in Asia, cons. est. 1,187,013,473
U.S.A. 2.00% 6,135,071
Canada & N. Am. islands 1.10% 368,447
Total Buddhists in N. America 6,503,518
Germany 1.10% 905,657
France 1.20% 773,215
United Kingdom 1.20% 733,395
Other European countries 0.15% 785,700
Total Buddhists in Europe 3,197,966
Total Buddhists in Latin America and S. Am. 0.15% 868,929
Total Buddhists in Australia & Oceania 1.80% 618,752
Total Buddhists in Africa 0.02% 194,550
Total Buddhists in the world, liberal est. 1,599,982,230
Total Buddhists in the world, conservative est. 1,198,397,187

Approximately 1.2 billion to 1.6 billion Buddhists in the world.

Last updated: July 2009

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