In Senegal, Mahayana Buddhism is followed by a very tiny portion of the Vietnamese community, but it is informal Buddhism because they only worship their ancestors by burning the incenses on a small altar and in the end of all prayers are: "Nam mô A Di Đà Phật" (Mean:"Glory to Buddha Amitabha") as traditional of Vietnamese faith that is Bodhisattvas as Địa Tạng Vương Bồ tát and Quan Thế Âm Bồ tát will bless and teach the spirits of dead people how to take a better life in next rebirths or go to Nibbana forever.

Total Buddhists in Senegal is around 0.1% as maximum and 99% of all Buddhists in Senegal are of Vietnamese descent.

Vietnamese people maybe the only East Asian community in Senegal, communities of Europeans and Lebanese make-up about 1% of total population in Senegal.

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