Bu'eine Nujeidat
District North
Government Local council (from 1980)
Hebrew בועיינה-נוג'ידאת
Arabic بعينة-نجيدات
Population 7,900 (2006)
Area 7058 dunams (7.058 km2; 2.725 sq mi)

Bu'eine Nujeidat is an Arab local council in the North District of Israel. It was declared as a local council in 1996. According to the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), it had a population of 7,900 inhabitants in 2006. The rate of growth of the population is 2.3%. The majority of the citizens of the village are Muslims.

Bu'eine Nujeidat was actually 2 villages, they were merged together in 1987. Bu'eine was an Arab village, it got its name from the nearby ancient village "Beit Anat". Nujeidatwas was also an Arab village established by soldiers from Nejd who came to fight with Saladin's army. The name of the tribe these soldiers came from was "Arab al-Nujeidat" or the "Arabs of Nejd".

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Coordinates: 32°48′26.68″N 35°22′2.2″E / 32.8074111°N 35.367278°E / 32.8074111; 35.367278

ar:البعينة نجيدات


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