Brophy College Preparatory
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City: Phoenix, Arizona
Country: United States
Province: California
General Information
Type: Secondary school
Founded: 1928
President: Edward A. Reese, S.J.
Principal: Robert E. Ryan III
Students: 1,272
Tuition/fees: $11,150 annual tuition
Address & Contact Information
Address: 4701 North Central Avenue
City: Phoenix
State/Province: Arizona
Postal code: 85012-1797
Country: United States
Phone: 602-264-5291
Fax: 602-234-1669

Brophy College Preparatory School is a Jesuit high school located in the United States in Phoenix, Arizona. It is located in the California Province of the Society of Jesus and was founded in 1928.

MISSION STATEMENT: “Brophy is a private, Jesuit, Catholic, college preparatory that is committed to the belief that all creation is a reflection of God's love and presence which demands a passionate and generous response from the entire community. We are dedicated to students of all socio-economic backgrounds who have the potential and desire to maximize their God-given gifts. By creating an atmosphere for academic, emotional and spiritual growth, Brophy College Preparatory develops critically thinking, articulate, sensitive and aware students with a strong sense of self-worth. Through the process of nurturing the soul, Brophy offers these students an intimate relationship with God and inspires leaders who are devoted to the service of others in a global community.”

For the 2007-2008 academic year, Brophy Prep enrolled 1,272 young men. Admission to the school is extremely competitive, as it is based on an admission examination, previous academic record, teacher recommendations, and a personal interview. The strong curriculum at Brophy propels 99 percent of its students to higher education, 97 percent of which attend four-year institutions.

The school was founded in 1928 by Mrs. Henry Brophy in memory of her late husband as a Jesuit high school with first year college courses. The school operated successfully for a year but the subsequent Great Depression put a major financial strain on the institution, forcing it to close in 1935. In 1952, 17 years after its closing, Brophy College Preparatory reopened exclusively as a high school. Brophy expanded its downtown Phoenix campus by adding Loyola Hall (1959), Robson Gymnasium (1967), Charles Keating Hall and the Steele Library (1986).

In recent years Brophy's president has been able to raise a lot of capital through the major gifts campaign which has allowed for the construction of the Information Commons (2001), the Eller Fine Arts Center (2003), the McCain Colonnade (2003), the Piper Center for Math and Science (2005), and the Harper Great Hall (2006).

In November of 2002, Brophy acquired the former Phoenix Swim Club for use as a sports campus. It is now called The Dottie Boreyko/Brophy Sports Campus. The facilities of this 10-acre campus include two outdoor swimming pools, a 400-meter training track, a soccer field, a running track and locker rooms. The school now leads the state in baseball, football, lacrosse, and swimming. Recently, Brophy acquired land to the East of its campus that will soon become the future location for the sports campus at Brophy.

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Contact Information

4701 North Central Avenue; Phoenix, Arizona 85012-1797. 602-264-5291

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