British Muslims for Secular Democracy is a charity dedicated to supporting secularism in the United Kingdom, founded by Yasmin Alibhai-Brown. The groups believe that Muslims in the UK views are not fully covered and that their image is distorted. The organisation says it aims to:

  • Challenge those who have a vested interest in promoting the 'clash of civilizations' narrative. These include some Muslim leaders and prominent white commentators they say.
  • Highlight the rights of Muslims who are marginalised because of their inability to cope with or succeed within the system.
  • Encourage British Muslim men and women to recognise the contributions they have made to Britain
  • Examine the role of the political parties that pander to "community leaders"
  • Enable Muslims to become more aware of their autonomous rights and question Muslim leaders who set themselves up as 'representatives' or ‘experts’.
  • Work with other global progressive Muslims opposing Saudi influenced Salafism and its offshoots.
  • Challenge the ill-informed and politicised nature of the state's intervention with the organisation of religious life in this country and the influence faith based groups now have on public policies.
  • Object to government policies that curtail civil liberties using the prevailing sense of fear of terrorism
  • Work with young Muslims and try to win over their hearts and minds, so they espouse the quiet and compassionate Islam practised by Muslims through generations


1. Yasmin Alibhai-Brown (Chair)

2. Dr Shaaz Mahboob [1] (Vice Chair)

3. Nasreen Rehman (Vice Chair)

4. Reem Maghribi

5. Imran Ahmed

6. Dr Ghayasuddin Siddiqui

7. Dr Tar Hargey

8. Andy Gregg


  1. The Daily Telegraph; Steps to combat Muslim extremism 1 February 2007

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