A small congregation of local members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In areas where the church is not developed sufficiently to warrant a ward, a branch is created in its stead. Branches are organized into Districts led by a District President. Sometimes a Stake will contain both wards and branches.

The size of a Branch can be as few as two or three families to as large as a large Ward, depending on the number of members in a geographic area.

Very small Branches generally meet in one of the members homes; and only meet for a shortened Sacrament Meeting, Priesthood Meeting, and Womans & Children Meeting.

As the Branch grows in size, the Womans Meeting is broken up into Relief Society, Young Womans, and Primary Meetings; the Priesthood Meeting is broken into Elders Quorum (there are no High Priest in a branch)and YoungНебольшой приход

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