Boston College
City: Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts
Country: United States
Province: New England Province
Diocese: Boston
General Information
Type: University
Founded: 1863
Grades: graduate and undergraduate education
President: Father William P. Leahy, S.J.
Faculty: 679
Students: 9,081 undergrads, 4,642 graduate
Campus: Suburban, 381 acres
Athletics: NCAA division I
Motto: Αιεν αριστευειν (Ever to Excel)
Mascot: Golden Eagle
Colors: Maroon and Gold
Conference: Atlantic Coast Conference
Tuition/fees: $35,150 undergraduate
Endowment: $1.76 Billion
Address & Contact Information
Address: 140 Commonwealth Avenue
City: Chestnut Hill
State/Province: Massachusetts
Postal code: 02467
Country: United States
Phone: (+1) 617-552-8000

Boston College (BC) is a Jesuit research university located in the United States in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. Boston College was founded in 1863 by the Society of Jesuits. It first opened its doors on September 5, 1864 with only 3 teachers and 22 students. Its historic campus, one of the earliest examples of Collegiate Gothic architecture in North America, is set on a hilltop six miles (10 km) west of downtown Boston. Although chartered as a university by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 1863, Boston College's name reflects its early history as a liberal arts college and preparatory school in Boston's South End. It was the first institution of higher education established in the city, though it later outgrew its urban location and moved to Chestnut Hill on the city's western edge. Boston College is one of the oldest and largest Jesuit universities in the United States and is home to one of the world's most prominent Catholic theological and philosophical faculties. Jesuits are active in all aspects of University life. Some 54 members serve the University as members of the administration, faculty, or staff. Community members also offer Ignatian retreats and spiritual direction to faculty, staff, and students. There are 27 Jesuits from more than 20 countries who are studying for graduate degrees or serving as visiting scholars.

The story of Boston College began in 1534, when seven idealistic students at the University of Paris met in a chapel in Montmartre and vowed their lives to the service of God and the well-being of their fellow men and women. They were the founders of the Society of Jesus - an order of religious men who did not choose monastic life but instead went out to encounter and transform the world, committed to finding God in all things.

Missionaries, explorers, scientist, artists, diplomats, writers — the Jesuits worked wherever intelligence, talent, and the needs of the Roman Catholic Church took them. And when they turned to education, they developed an approach that sought to integrate intellectual excellence and religious commitment, that was concerned with character as well as mind, that valued knowledge, transcendent values, community, and service to others.

Boston College is the only Jesuit university in the United States to participate in NCAA Division 1 varsity football. The football team has one of the highest graduation rates of any Division I-A program in the country. Known as the Eagles, Boston College participates in the Atlantic Coast conference and they are joined by Notre Dame as the only two division 1 football schools that have a Christian affiliation. The offer 12 men's and 15 women's sports all participating at the Division I level.

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